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Fornitore Offresi

Fornitore Offresi is an opportunity to spread the knowledge of a territory rich of synergies between different and complementary companies.
It's an innovative event in which Italian and foreign companies show and exchange their know‐ how and excellent skills in the mechanical manufacturing. 
Visitors have the opportunity to eet all the niches of the mechanical production market, which is characterized by high technical skills, versatility in production, customized products, short time to market, flexibility and now‐how well‐known all over the world.
The event will be held during FORNITORE OFFRESI, the fair organized by Lario fiere

The numbers of Forniture Offresi

  • 7th edition; 
  • 370 exhibitors;
  • 6,000 qualified visitors from all over the Country;
  • B2B roundtables betweensubcontractors and buyers of the major companies in order to create new business opportunities;

Fornitore Offresi

An innovative and business event thought to implement the meeting between demand and supply of the machining sector.
Seventh edition, each one with more than 370 exhibitors: each year the two days of “Fornitore Offresi” are a great opportunity in order to meet directly and in the same place the most important companies in the machining sector and one of the most skilled district of the international area.


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